28 February 2010

Old Glory orcs, part 1

Regular readers of this blog might remember my Piles Of Minis post way back last year, where I sorted through a bunch of old minis that had recently resurfaced. While working on my Tsolyanu minis, my orcs have also found some time under the paintbrush.

Here are some work-in-progress pics:

Pictured are two packs of orcs from Old Glory Miniatures Ghost line - Orcs with Scimitars and Orcs with Axes.

These minis are not top-of-the-line sculpts, but I like them a lot and they paint up easily. The sculpts are animated and I have only one repeat in the collection. My favorite is the orc in the back row, trying to be sneaky.

Here's a close-up:

The base skin color is Reaper Pro Paints Ruddy Flesh, with a wash or two of GW Ogryn Flesh. I did not want yet another set of green orcs. Greenskins have their place but not in this bunch. Sometime I will add some bow-armed orcs to the mix...



  1. A couple of my HoTT armies are the "Red Orcs" and "Green Orcs" . . . and I think that the "Red Orcs" look better.

    So a hearty "Bravo" to you for avoiding the green.

    -- Jeff

  2. Having started with brown LOTR orcs from the Minifigs range I had real problems with the GW green when introduced to them but since then I find that I do paint GW figures green but other ranges brown.
    The only time I have seen none green from GW was a couple of pages on different Goblins - this included a red fire goblin but even with this the green showed through.

    I think this shows I am a sucker for the fluff in games and like to match that.

    My latest figure is Viktor a goblin shaman from Hasslefree and he is blue.

    Nice to see the classic GW dominated style being rejected.