29 October 2006

The plan

I think that I have finally come up with a plan for my gaming habit. As you might know, the budget has been shut down for the near future, but that is not going to stop me from trying to make some sense out of my desires for tabletop gaming. So, here is what I have come up with so far:

1. Finish off the Tau - painting only, no purchases.

2. Warlord - kind of on hold for now; I have plenty to assemble and paint, but I need to get my soon-to-be wife more involved (yes, she wants to do this project together).

3. Renaissance - early 16th century Italian wars. This one will be done with 28mm figures, singly mounted as per Warhammer Ancients. This will allow me to also play against my son and his Warhammer fantasy army.

4. Now for the hard part. I have all sorts of ideas for gaming after the above, but the scale for the figures is not set down yet. I am going to buy small amounts of figures in several different scales: 6mm; 10mm; 1/72 (among others). Then I will see how it goes from there. Ease of painting, figure availability, storage, etc. will be factored in. I do want to set ONE scale for the rest of my projects.

Now I just need to keep digging for info on figures, rules, terrain, etc. until the budget goes into the black again...



  1. Okay, here's another suggestion for you . . . .

    Build some terrain. You know that you'll be doing 28mm figures for the Renaissance. Build terrain for that. Here's a link to an article that might inspire you:


    The wonderful thing about building terrain pieces is that most are built from stuff that is free (or close to it). You can make some neat things (trees, for example, from twigs and lichen) and perhaps involve your son at the same time!

    Besides, the terrain that you make will get used for many games. Here's another website (Colonial this time) that has links (2/3rds of way down page) to lots of good terrain-making ideas::


    I hope that these links inspire you. Keep us posted!

    -- Jeff


  2. Thanks Jeff,

    I have some terrain projects laying around here that I will be working on soon. They are for sci-fi mostly, but they will provide some practice for me.