23 June 2007


I have been slowly assembling my Ever-Present Glory minis, and have run into a slight problem. Many of the EPG troops that I bought are holding their long spears in attack mode, which means that there might be some struggles with ranking the figures once they are painted and mounted onto bases. After a bit of experimentation, I have a solution that seems to work:

The white plastic base is a 40mm square. Does it look crowded? I like the idea of the 40mm bases; it will keep the frontage of the units a bit smaller on the tabletop. My vision for units (heavy infantry units at least) is to have 6 40mm bases, 3 bases wide and 2 bases deep, 4 minis per base, for 24 minis per unit.

Now that the minis are being assembled, it will soon be time to start painting! I am mounting the minis temporarily onto nails, and I cobbled together a box to hold them during painting:

That is a plastic container I salvaged from work, with some foam inside of it to stick the nails into...



  1. Now that's a neat idea for painting figures. Really neat. In the best possible taste - I'm going to have to pinch that idea!

  2. By all means, sir (something about flattery and imitation).

    I wish I had a few more of those containers though... I need two for each unit.


  3. Greg,
    I noticed the same problem with the spearmen advancing. Since I'm using a 20mm x 25mm base for each figure I had to redrill my first lot to get the spear on a much steeper angle. I would say I have my spears at about 45 degrees. Howard corrected this problem on the Serqu Legion but it slipped past him on the Yan Kor Gureks.