15 January 2008

MMORPG, part 4

(I'll start with a *wave* to the people watching this from the West Seattle Blog - a very nice local news source that has a feed from local bloggers)

Slow but sure progress on the WoW front since last time, the shaman is up to lvl 21. Here is a screenshot:

My Tauren shaman is there in the middle, surrounded by water elementals that he just freed during one of his quests. Also shown is Feawin's blood elf hunter and wolf pet.

I also have an idea. One of the more interesting opponents in WoW is the Murloc, intelligent fish-people that do not like the land-dwellers. They live along large bodies of water in small villages, like these:

Here is a typical grouping of Murloc huts, with a couple of Murloc in the background.

And another pic:

One more (this one is altered slightly, since these were taken during 'night' game-wise:

I think that these would make good scenery for my fantasy skirmish games. It should not be hard to scratchbuild some of these huts, and I have some boxes & crates in the bits box to use also.


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