19 May 2009

MMORPG, part 7

Quite a while back, last December actually, Feawin (my wife) and I switched from World of Warcraft back to EverQuest2 as our on-line computer game/time-sink. I have a couple of screenshots from EQ2:

My Ratonga berserker, Ratzenfric, in East Freeport.

Larousse, a Ratonga brigand, fighting undead orcs in The Commonlands

Buffing up, EQ2 style - my wife's Wood Elf wizard, Miraj

My Gnome conjuror, Gnisq, and his Tellurian Soldier pet, in the North Qeynos bank

(one thing about gnomes - I played a gnome mage in EQ, a gnome mage in WoW, and still play a gnome in EQ2!)

Larousse and my wife's warden Anashi in the Sinking Sands on Erollisi Day

Grinding away and having fun still!


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