27 November 2009


Along with the long work weeks, another obstacle arose in the path of my painting plans: the dreaded furniture move!

Here is a current pic of my painting table... strewn with the debris of a hasty movement, and this is after some time already spent on re-organizing!

Along with the tedium of moving boxes and other furniture items around, there was unexpected joy. During the shuffle, I discovered yet another box of minis that I had thought (or wished!) long gone. This discovery, however, just muddles my plans even further, as the minis are of yet another, different scale. A sharp-eyed observer will recognize some of the mini packaging on the table in the pic - Peter Pig, Essex, Battlefront (!), and even DP9. 15mm! The 15mm pile spans a lot of different eras and genres - Bronze Age chariots, Vikings, AWI, Ottoman Turks, WW1, WW2, and even sci-fi.

So, what to do?

Having already tried 6mm and 10mm, I am going to try my hand at painting a few of these 15mm minis. I do need to straighten the table out first...



  1. Forgive me - I do have Iritis at the moment but there is a table under that lot? Welcome to the dark side of figures 15mm rocks...


  2. 15mm is definitely a fun scale. Big enough to show character in individual miniatures and to allow for conversions if you really want to. They paint up fast too and even I manage to get the painted while my 28mm stuff remains bare.