01 May 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 8

Just a brief update:

Slowly the First Legion takes form. I have started work on some archers, and the last of the spear-armed troops are nearing completion. I have decided not to convert the rest of the spearmen into swordsmen, with the exception of the one figure in the back row on the right.

Now this force just needs a priest or three and it will be all set.



  1. Great to see these! I guess I need to send you some Priests of Karakan and Vimuhla, eh?

  2. Looking wonderful.
    You've really done wonderful work on these great minis. I'm considering using them for my Impetus fantasy games. Great inspiration :)

  3. Chirine - I would love some priests! I will e-mail you...

    Ben - These minis would work well for the large diorama-style bases of Impetus.

  4. My thoughts exactly :)

    Might send Nik an email now actually...