23 January 2011


The hobby table is still not in operation, so I have been trying to organize my thoughts around setting up an agenda of what I want to get accomplished gaming-wise.

First off is Tékumel. The Hlutrgu will be on the table first - they still need the hands drilled out for javelins, then painting. This is my first opposing force for the Tsolyanu troops that I already have, so for gaming purposes they are very much a necessity. After that, finishing the Ever Present Glory troops, working on Sérqu, then acquiring more minis, as I am certain that there will be more Tékumel Club releases soon.

Second, but no less important, terrain. Other than some old felt mats, I have no terrain! It would be a bit odd to have battles on a completely flat and featureless area. I am going to try and keep it simple at first, and the most useful of all terrain is (IMHO) trees. I remember reading in The Man of Gold about some black-leafed trees, so I will get out my copy and try to find more references. Some building ruins and monuments would be good as well and should be easy to make. One of the challenges with terrain in our new place will be storage - it is at a premium here and anything I conjure up will need to be stored carefully and in as small an area as possible.

Third - the other fantasy minis I have, orcs, reptus, etc. The orcs are nearly done, and could in a pinch be used as an opposing force to my Tékumel stuff.


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