09 April 2011

Tékumel naval, part 2

My copy of Qadárdàlikoi arrived very recently, and although it is a book that mainly deals with land battles on Tékumel, it has some nice information of the naval side of things. And, accordingly, it presents myself with a dilemma.

In the section on naval warfare, there are stats and line drawings on six of the most common vessels used. These vessels are, for the most part, not very similar to the Xyston ships I have just purchased! So, a decision needs to be made [actually I have already made up my mind but I am dragging it out for you the reader ;) ]: use the Xyston ships and go a more 'faux' Tékumel look; or scratchbuild new ships based on the line drawings?

Now, I can not really foresee giving up entirely on the Xyston ships. In fact, the Xyston merchant vessel is rather similar to a Tnék, except it lacks a lateen foresail. The weapon and sail kits will be handy, and I might use the oar banks from the Xyston ships I already have on the scratchbuilt ships. So the Xyston purchase is not a complete bust!



  1. Oh, dear. I didn't mean to give you problems! We used what ship models we had, back in those dusty days of the early 1980's, and the Prof. said that they were close enough for him; please do use your Xyston ships, if you like - playing the game is the thing!!!

    yours, Chirine

    (Psst - ok to mail?)

  2. No problem at all, Chirine. But, one of these days I will learn to research first, purchase second!

    And yes - OK to mail!