28 October 2011

Another month gone by...

Well, October did not come out as expected, but now the crazy work schedule is passed, unfortunately into what could be a too-quiet work schedule...

So, I am trying to pick up the pieces of the projects left off from September.

First, the Tékumel miniatures.  The priest of Hrü'ü is almost done, just needs basing.  The priest of Vimúhla is next but still needs work.  The others are just barely past the primer stage.  I still need to finish off the Hlutrgú champions and shaman.  There is a set of Sérqu spearmen on the table, but I seem to have hit quite a painting block with them; nothing looks right.  So, I might put them aside and bring out the not-quite-finished Ever Present Glory archers.  And the ships - yet another dilemma!

Second, my play of computer games continues, but I have not posted much about it for months.  I am considering splitting off the 'Pixel' part of this blog onto a separate site of its own.

Third, the other miniatures that I want to paint should get some attention also.  Dwarves, Reptus, etc. are waiting in boxes and bags.  Maybe soon...


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