02 March 2013

Ahoggyá, part 3

As a small portion of The Plan (see previous post), my lovely wife and I have taken upon ourselves to re-do the little area that my hobby table resided in and expand the capabilities of the room; i.e. we have trashed the place and are re-doing it all including adding her own hobby space!  This of course means that I won't be painting anything for a while...

Fortunately, I snapped a pic of some Ahoggyá progress before they were packed up.

In this pic, one can see the assortment of Ahoggyá arms and armaments:

Quite an assortment.  For my first unit, I am trying to make a rather homogeneous look, rather unlike the Ahoggyá but there you go.

Here are some of the steps in the process:

1.  I have clipped the mace from one left arm, and glued a loose shield in its place.  This will be the left (from this view) rear arm.

2.  This time, I have clipped the entire hand from the mace arm, and the entire hand from a halberd arm.  The halberd arm is unarmored, and in trying to make the entire Ahoggyá armored I thought this would be the easiest way.  Eventually, the halberd hand and mace arm will be drilled out for pinning and glue.  Left forward arm.

3.  Right forward arm - this is the standard sword arm, but I have gently twisted the wrist so the sword will not rest so much in front of the Ahoggyá's front eye set ( can't really say face as they have four!).

4.  Right rear arm - this is the standard axe arm, but I have gently bent the arm at the elbow.

It is going to take some doing, but I find the conversion process fun and hopefully will produce some unique miniatures.


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  1. Sounds like a good plan and both people singing from the same hymn sheet as well.