14 April 2013

Monsters, part 3

It has been a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things here, especially as I am working some long hours, and the hobby area was torn apart and re-organized.  But there has been a silver lining to these events.  One, even with the long hours, I am finding that just attempting to relax afterwards by 'Net surfing is not enough, and the urge for painting is returning.  Second, during the organizational drive I found some old miniatures that might work for gaming on the Half-Continent:

The three primed in white are juvenile Growlers from the old FASA game Vor the Maelstrom.  Although they do not fit the usual template for nickers, they will be just fine.  The beasty on the right is an old WOTC Dungeons & Dragons miniature, and could easily pass as a cousin to the Handsome Grackle from Factotum.  I am not certain if it needs to be stripped or maybe I can spruce it up some, but I might try to switch out the base for a round one.

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