01 June 2013

Ahoggyá, part 5

Slow but steady progress on the first element of my Ahoggyá:

These miniatures are a fun build!  I have noticed a few things, though.  With the main body being resin, the long pewter arms/weapons tend to make the miniature top-heavy, which has led to some minor frustration as I have tried to assemble them.  The second item of note, which is purely my own fault, is the orientation of the shields on the left arms.  In the pic above, you can see my concern - the shields are angled downward, which makes the colorful Tékumel shields hard to see.  In future builds, I will correct this.

If one looks closely at the right-most Ahoggyá, one will notice a problem - the right rear arm is missing!  Why?  Because I broke it while trying to bend it into a different position:

Here it is prior to pinning it back together.  Looks like I get to try my hand at repositioning a shield sooner than I had previously thought...



  1. They still look good, good luck with the fiddly repair mate.

  2. Coming along very nicely indeed!

  3. I have spare arms from my build; need anything?


  4. Thank you kind sirs!

    Hmmm, I might e-mail you about that, Chirine...