08 February 2014

Ruins of Thámerü, part 1

For the original setting for my scenario, the Battle of the Temple of Chanis, the Mu'ugalavyáni forces consisted of the following:

Heavy Infantry

500 from Legion 9 of the Third Palace, Iridescent Egg (Shén)
3000 from Legion 1 of the Second Palace, Destroy in Glory
5000 from Legion 1 of the First Palace, Victorious in Vimúhla

Medium Infantry

1500 from Legion 12 of the First Palace, Mandibles of Iron (Pé Chói)
1000 from Legion 4 of the First Palace, Strike

Light Infantry

1000 from Legion 13 of the First Palace, The Band of Hlkeksh (N'lüss)
500 from Legion 15 of the First Palace, Slay on High (Hláka)


2500 from Legion 8 of the First Palace, Long Arrow

For my scenario, I had to do a bit of shuffling in order to get it situated in a better way for the Yán Kór.  Of course, a few units translated directly over, like the Hláka.  So, the Yán Kór force looks like this:

1500 heavy infantry and 1000 archers from the Gurék of Valiant of Ke'ér
3000 heavy infantry and 1000 medium infantry from the Gurék of Tléku Miriyá
1500 heavy infantry and 1500 medium infantry from the Gurék of the Turquoise Eye
1500 heavy infantry from the Horde of the Egg-Eaters of Ss-kú  (Shén)
1000 light infantry from the Band of G'yúdr  (N'lüss)
500 flyers from the Battalion of Freedom on High  (Hláka)
2500 archers from the Gurék of Mákhis

In the conversion, I tried to keep the numbers of the main troop types - heavy, medium, etc. - as close as possible to the original.  I did boost the numbers on the Shén present, just because!  The numbers to give that boost did come from the pool of HI, however.  

This selection is also tied to the production status of the miniatures.  Of the above, the Hláka, the Shén, and the archers of Mákhis are currently in production.  The core of this Yán Kór force, the guréks of Ke'ér, Tléku Miriyá, and Turquoise Eye, are scheduled to come back into production in the coming months.  

Unfortunately, the Pé Chói are not available, and would be difficult to proxy, hence their replacement by the medium troops of the main guréks.  Also, I am not sure but there seems to be very few Pé Chói serving the Baron's forces.  The N'lüss are also not in production, but since this project will take a considerable amount of time to finish, maybe they will show before I need them!



  1. this sounds very cool!

    Do you know if there is any field artillery on the horizon from the Tekumel Project?

  2. Thank you!

    As for the artillery crews, I am not certain if any are scheduled...