03 January 2015

Another year!

Happy New Year everybody!

It has been a little too quiet on this blog, but there have been some stirrings of late.  Just before the holidays, I had the inklings of getting the troops (and monsters!) back onto the painting table.  Also, there is a nice little project that another enthusiast has been working on which has put some energy back into this project.

There are a few things that I need to straighten out first:

1.   The first quarto of my Boschenburg troops need to be finished - they are mostly done;

2.   Baskets need to be completed as well - a couple are finished, but the grinnlings and that big fellow from last year are waiting;

3.   Rules - many contenders;

4.   Basing - my little experiment with Warbases did not work out so well as I ordered the wrong sizes!  However, subsequent orders, for other projects, have shown that they should work well.  Now, do I stick with 20mm or go to 25mm for the humans?


  1. Good to hear your plans.BTW who is the other project by- I could do with even more inspiration...

  2. Great to see you posting again! Looking forward to more in 2015! Best, Dean

  3. Thank you!

    On my previous post, there is a comment from Ettrick about his Half Continent project. I am hoping that he will set up his own blog/web site soon to share his work...

  4. I'd be interested to hear more of his project and rules too...