19 December 2015

And, back

A brief but intense flurry of work-related issues put a damper on hobby-related goings on here, but with the coming of the usual Christmas slowdown I should be able to get back on track.

The lack of 'doing' has brought on more 'thinking' about my projects, past, current, and future.  Sometimes I despise having time to think too long at projects, as I always find a fault or three and pine for something different.  But, it is just a hobby (so I'm told!) for me at least, so some re-organization is due.  Projects are going to get shifted, along with priorities but it should lead down a path for actual gaming to occur (finally).

More thoughts - and pics! - later on...



  1. Have a good Christmas if you can sir!

  2. Thank you, sir! It is quiet here, but sometimes that is a good thing...

  3. I can totally understand. Best wishes to your endeavors, and Merry Christmas!