08 April 2017

Painting table, April 2017

Life goes on.  Although there are still a myriad of details to oversee, I put a bit of time into getting the hobby table straightened out.

A while ago, it looked like this:

This photo was taken in mid October of last year, just before my lovely wife made her first visit to hospital.  Lots of stuff going on there, and my then-new Vallejo paint set for tank details is out front.

Hobby space is now storage space as I prepped for a homecoming that never happened.  Everything is crammed together, but you can see a couple of additions - new lights and paint storage racks that were very cheaply sourced from Amazon.

The clean slate.

And, how the table looks now, ready and waiting.

Besides getting back to painting, I have set myself a couple of goals.  One is to get back to reading and commenting on other blogs.  I use Feedly to keep track of blogs, but with thousands of posts from the blogs I follow I just deleted them over the past few months; it was just a bit overwhelming.  But, I am trying to fix that.  Second is to post more often, weekly perhaps.  This might include non-gaming content - if you are not interested in that sort of thing please just skip past it.  Also included will be notice of posts on my other blogs, like this one:   Threwdish Ways



  1. Отличный рабочий стол. Очень завидую. Мне приходится ютится на кухне.

    1. Thanks Andrei - my table is only a few steps from the kitchen by comparison.

  2. These are good steps forward, Greg!