21 May 2017

Infinity, part 2

Hot on the heels of the planning discussions with my sons, I placed a couple of orders for some more Infinity goodness.  The first of those packages arrived a week or so ago, and here are the contents:

After looking at faction troop lists, and hearing my sons discuss their own factions, I decided that some reinforcements were needed.  Zoe is a hacker, which seems to be very important in Infinity, as hackers are, in a fashion, the ECM/ECCM units of the game.  Intruders are a type of medium infantry - a bit more armor and firepower than the usual troops.  And 'Fat Yuan Yuan' is a special character, a mercenary weapon of mass consumption.  He is infatuated with getting his next meal from Lo Pan's Noodle Hut!  And yes, the box he comes in is shaped like a Asian take-out container...

One more box was in this group:

This Support Pack contains a medic (Daktari) and an Engineer (another hacker) along with their helper bots.

At this point, I think that I have plenty of figures to start.  I have seen some interesting special characters and units that I might try to get, but after that I should be set for a long time.  My force is not quite balanced, but I am not concerned with that as I am just going to play as I can with my crazy set-up.

The second package - some goodies from Antenociti's Workshop - has yet to arrive, stuck in Customs I suspect.

To go with all of these figures, I had to purchase some more of this:

The last tube I had went thick and not-very-sticky in the long period of time since I needed it.



  1. Getting new goodies is always inspiring!

  2. С нетерпением ждем в покрасе!