06 May 2018

Scots, part 3

With this post, I bring to you a project that was originally featured on a separate blog that was disbanded long ago.  The posts and pics from the discarded blog are here now, so one could look at previous work on these miniatures by clicking on one of the labels listed on the right or at the end of this post.

Slow, slow progress... the first two stands of Islemen for my medieval project:

These miniatures were originally produced by Claymore Castings, but are now available from Antediluvian Miniatures.  The bases are not quite complete, as I have some tufts waiting to be placed.  From looking at the pics, I can see that I need to work on my skin colors a bit!



  1. Greg! Very good to see some painting activity from you. Your Scots are looking good!

    1. Thank you, Jon. They are a long time coming, let me tell ya...

  2. Very nice job, they look beautiful and determined!