28 July 2018

Huaxtec, part 10

Another old project gets some much-needed attention:

Here is the first element of my Huaxtec army.  Figures are by Outpost.  The shield uses a slightly modified decal from VVV - the Outpost shields are a little big for the decal, so I extended the lines just a touch.  I tried to represent tattoos on the warriors with some squiggles of black paint, but it is hard to see in some of the pics.

The basing is set for Irregular Wars 2nd edition.  The number of figures on a base will correspond to the Resolve stat in the rules.  In this case, 5 figures will be a unit of warriors with a Resolve of 3.  Better units can have a Resolve up to 5 with either 7 or 8 figures on the base (I have yet to decide on that).  

There is another element of Huaxtec being based up, and then I will need to get to the brushes again, although the heat here is making it difficult to stay at the painting table for long.