04 September 2022

New rules, future projects

 As my painting and gaming mojo comes back, I have been thinking about other projects, of course!  Here are a few that are at the front of the queue at the moment:

Two very interesting sets.  

Seven Days to the River Rhine covers the Great Conflict that never was - the Cold War Gone Hot in Europe.  This era brings me back to my early days of miniatures battles, as the gaming group I was part of was writing/testing micro-armour rules for both WW2 and 'Modern'.  Decades later, it is back, with a slight twist.  The idea that I have is more akin to the movie Red Dawn instead of the book Red Storm Rising, just at a larger level of gaming.  This would not be a skirmish game.  1/285 miniatures have been acquired for this project, now known as G22.

For Whom The Dice Rolls also caught my eye when published.  Do I need another Spanish Civil War project?  That is the question, and since I have two in the works already - 20mm skirmish and 1/144 aerial - the answer seems to be, err, yes!  My original thought was to do this in 6mm, but I am thinking 10mm might be better, as the 1/144 aircraft could be used for the ground battles, and the 10mm kit can be targets/scenery for the air-to-air segment.  To my eye, 20mm would be too large for this set, but I could be wrong.  More thought is needed.



  1. Well, I know person, for sure, will be delighted to see a hardcopy of FWTDR in your hands! I would enjoy seeing a review after a few games.

    1. It will be some time before I can concentrate on Graham's rules, but I will post my thoughts here.

  2. The Spanish civil war set sounds interesting I can't cope with modern day warfare, it's got to be at least 70 years ago and ideally 200 +!
    Best Iain

  3. 7 days to the rhine seems to be getting more traction lately. At least in my section of the blogosphere. Looking forward to see what you get on the table for the last great war.

  4. Have you looked at Jim Webster's Hell and Uncivil Disorder? I think it might be a suitable set for SCW action at platoon-plus level.