01 January 2023

Painting table January 2023

 Happy New Year everyone!

Well, here is the usual chaos on my table at the moment:

The now-commonplace assortment of genres and scales - fantasy, sci-fi, and historical - 6mm through 28mm.  The pile of 'stuff' in the center is yet more vehicles and now infantry with their bases for BattleTech.  

I continue to be amazed by interest that both of my sons have in BattleTech.  My original thought, when I bought the introductory box set last year, was that I would need to collect all factions for the game, paint them, and cajole my sons to play.  Boy howdy was I wrong, and we are in the process of collecting and painting more mechs, and now 3rd party vehicles and infantry, for the game.

Another popular game amongst my sons is Infinity.  This is a sci-fi skirmish game by Corvus Belli with some of the most finely sculpted and cast 28mm metal miniatures currently in production.  The troops in the middle of the pic above, both unprimed and in shades of red, are part of my collection.

Sci-fi is not the only genre getting attention here, however.  I am beginning to dust off some older historical projects, starting with some Medievals:

These units are for a 14th century Scots army:  Two units of schiltron on the left; and four Highlander units and their leader center and right.  They are not quite complete as their flags have yet to be purchased.  Somehow, these figures, and their unpainted counterparts, missed both the first and second sweep of 'disposals' last year, perhaps because I have a definite fondness for the project, which my lovely wife and I started way back when, and that a fair few were finished.

Here are the next two units, in a less finished state:

Two more schiltrons being sorted.  All of these figures are by Claymore Castings, now available through Antediluvian Miniatures.



  1. Happy New Year, Greg! Now, time to dive into your painting desk and get to work.

  2. Battletech is making a strong come back right now. It's cool that you have family members interested. I'd also point out that your paints are almost in a line and the mechs in columns. Your painting desk is a marvel of organization!

    1. The KS jump-started interest for BT in a huge way, and it helps that BT products are now available in Barnes&Noble bookstores across the US.

      Ranks and files of hobby chaos !

  3. Your desk looks almost as bad as mine, Greg, just double the size of the area and add in LOTS of fully completed figures, going back several years, that I have no storage space for, so have just been left to gather dust (and cat hair!) I basically have an old office style desk with drawers in it, about five feet by three, and the free space available for current projects is abou a foot wide and six inches deep...a disgrace!
    I like the fourteenth century Scots, but also hope to see your fabled SCW figures get some attention (and blog time) in the coming year!

    1. Thanks.

      I promise to give my SCW collection so painting time - soon!

  4. Nice! How old are the sons? My oldest is 4 so now quite into wargaming yet. 😀

    1. Thanks. My sons are adults but their interest in BT was still a pleasant surprise.

      It will not be long before your 4-year-old is ready...

  5. Splendid looking Scots and family Battletech sounds great!
    Best Iain