19 March 2007


My apologies for being absent. We have moved!

It is a nicer apartment, but smaller. My big, old, but shabby and sagging bookcase was not invited, so I have a storage issue for my books, and especially my printed gaming material.

The painting table is rather bare looking:

But, I did get some nice pieces of foam for terrain projects in the future...

All of the minis are still in their boxes, along with my other assorted tools and accessories. And (this is a huge problem) I can not find the mounts for the painting table lamps!



  1. We will finally (after a year and a half of living in a 640 sq ft cabin) get to move into our new home in early May.

    And I will then get to get my paints out of storage and once again get to paint. And am I looking forward to it.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice to see you posting again. Hope you find your lamp mounts soon.

  3. Excellent that you have started the collection of bits (for terrain) it is an endless task.

    Thank you for the Enfilade dates.

    Hope to see you post more again in the near future (after tracking down those lamp mounts)!