01 April 2007

March 2007 in review

Big changes this month really had an impact on the rate of progress of my projects. Fortunately, I have found one of the mounts for a lamp for the table! It is not my usual lamp, but it works and will be used.

There is also another big change in the works... When GW finally came out with their new 'newest' Wood Elves army book, Feawin (my wife) took a liking to it, since she is all about elves and stuff. She also has been looking to collect an Elven force for Reaper's Warlord game, and has a few minis for that. Well, yesterday, I purchased a copy of the Wood Elves book for her. Now, whether an army for Warhammer Fantasy comes out of that, I do not know, but it does have strategic implications. First, I have definitely decided to mount my Renaissance minis singly to 'Warhammer' standards so they could spar off against her force and the armies my sons are collecting. Second, I'll need to coax her into collecting proper minis for the Wood Elves - she prefers the elves produced by Tom Meier and Thunderbolt Mountain to the GW minis. They are nicer and less expensive. We will need to hunt around for the more specialized minis for the army.

GW has opened two new stores in my area, making a total of five. One of these is in the neighborhood that my sons live in, and they are regulars down there now. My youngest (code name Vahll) has taken up collecting a Dark Angels force for 40K and a Vampire Counts army for WFB. Taeklonn (previously known as 'No. 2 son') is still hard at work on: Black Templars, Orks, Thousand Sons, and now Eldar for 40K, and Dwarves for WFB. I'm glad I'm not footing the bill for those armies!!! (other than the occasional gift)

Now, I'm going to finish with some boring stats. I'm hoping that by keeping a record of important stats I will be more motivated to continue making progress.

Minis purchased: 0
Minis painted: 0
Minis sold: 0

(the 'Minis Sold' part is only important in the fact that much of my budget is going to be funded by the transfer of other parts of my collection into the hands of those desiring to purchase them (mercenaries if you will!))


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  1. Interesting. I have a few GW armies from a few years back (Blood Angels for 40K; Empire for WFB; and several Blood Bowl teams) . . . but I don't think that many people play them in the area I'm now in.

    Getting your lady involved alsways helps . . . I hope that she enjoys herself.

    -- Jeff