29 April 2007

Projects: status report

OK. This is a summary of where everything is now...

Painting table - I am finally to the point where the table can actually be used for painting!

Mini project #1: Tau (40K) - Still in boxes from the move. Now that the painting table is ready, I'm going to unload one unit and get it on the table.

Mini project #2: Reptus (Warlord) - These are going to stay in their box for now. The unopened blisters will be sold off. The ones that I have started will most likely be finished sometime in the distant future.

Mini project #3: Renaissance - This project is in a state of flux. I love the pageantry of the period, but I am torn between the many ways it could be represented. Part of me wants to keep it historical, and part of me wants to make an Empire force for Warhammer Fantasy. I am even now entertaining thoughts about using 15mm, especially for the historical bent. I do know that, if I go the route of Warhammer, I will be using Old Glory historical minis as proxies for the expensive GW minis.

Computer gaming: World of Warcraft has been replaced by our return to Everquest2. And, we are having a lot of fun so far even though we are starting from scratch without much coin or equipment. One of the biggest problems with EQ2 - tradeskills - has been greatly simplified, and the continuing slide of WoW into universal PvP (player vs. player) is a turn-off.

Hot new topic: Tekumel, the Empire of the Petal Throne - This is replacing Warlord in the mini line-up. The launch of the great new line of 28mm minis from Eureka Miniatures - link - really has me jazzed. I was able to find excellent copies of two of the Tekumel novels - Man of Gold and Flamesong - for reasonable prices. I first read these novels 20+ years ago in college, and brought some of the other gaming-related pamphlets also. I do not remember what fate became them; they probably were lost during the divorce. Much of the printed items are still available, of course for a premium price! I do want to find the pamphlets that covered the armies of the period, for they contain painting guides for those units.


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  1. It sounds like you were hit pretty hard by the changes to Warlord as well. They recently put up a bunch of the grunt sculpts in the Boneyard section of the Reaper store, which is a bit more expensive than the 3-packs, but not as expensive as buying a bunch of lead you don't need in the army packs.

    My wife and I recently cancelled our WoW accounts. It just stopped being a good entertainment value for the time we had to put into it.