06 April 2008

Where o where...

Been gone for a bit, haven't I?

This has been the year of the great computer upgrade, which is why I have not been around much since mid-February. Our previous computers were getting way long in the tooth, and Feawin and I decided to make a great technological leap from the architecture of 5 years ago.

I spent a great amount of time reading and searching for the parts that would be better and still work together for these new systems, and when our income tax refund finally arrived in early March, we went shopping. Good thing too, since Feawin's computer died right after we ordered the first parcel of parts.

The builds went smoothly enough, although it was a bit of a learning curve to climb. Feawin figured everything out software-wise, since she was having severe problems running WoW with the new hardware. But, some 'Net searching a download or two later, she solved the problem, and the systems are running smoothly.

Now that the computer issues are solved, I am finally able to put that behind me and concentrate on minis! There will be a new release of Tékumel minis from Eureka soon, which brings up my old debate on a rules set again. I dug up my old copy of Fantasy Rules! by ChipCo and will look into it more closely. I also want to get a copy of Hordes of the Things.

One thing that I have yet to try with the new system, though, is uploading pics from camera... cross your fingers!


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  1. I've not heard of the ChipCo rules, but "Hordes of the Things" are a lot of fun.

    -- Jeff