09 May 2008

Empire spearmen, again

Thanks to the kindness of my sons, I am now in the possession of yet more Empire troops:

4 more sprues of spearmen/handgunners!

I now have enough for 2 20-figure spear blocks, each with 2 detachments of 6 handgunners (or even more than that). I have a preliminary army list, but now I will gladly rewrite it. This addition, along with a purchase of just a handful more minis (mostly for the greatswords command) will give me almost 3000 pts of Empire troops. Plenty for a long time!



  1. Indeed, 'tis a goodly force. How (i.e., in what color scheme) do you plan to paint them?

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff,

    My troops will be blue and yellow, the colors of Nordland.