08 February 2009

Did not last long!

Yep, thinking about fantasy miniatures gaming again - I think it was actually my wife's fault.  Not too long ago, we watched the two recently released Narnia movies, and that really set my mind to task.  Those are some of the types of battles that I would like to put on the tabletop!  A variety of units, creatures, abilities, heroes, weapons, all together.

I'm also finding that the battle reports on Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog are quite inspiring!

So, I'm not out of this yet.  Maybe I just needed some time away from the project, to give me another perspective.  The rules choice is still a problem, but I have no fear that I will come up with something...



  1. You're all falling like nine pins - see also here that I was reading today... :o)


  2. Perfect - thanks for the link!