25 February 2009


I am continuing to flit from rules-set to rules-set as I continue to work on my Tékumel project...

Since Basic Impetus, as a historical gaming set, does not have a magic system, I have been sifting through my other rules to help create a simple battle magic system. Unfortunately, this is (of course) leading me to consider other rules in total and not just a BI variant. I keep coming back to ChipCo's Fantasy Rules!. FR! has a well-defined magic system already. It also has a great flexibility in the army generation system. The combat system in FR! is more simple than BI, but that is not bad in my opinion.

There is another factor. FR! used 60mm squares for unit bases, whereas BI uses bases of 120mm in width and 30mm/40mm/60mm depths depending on the type of unit. It is my intention to use Litko as a source for the bases; their 3mm plywood bases should be sufficiently strong enough to support multiple 25mm figures and I do not have the equipment to adequately and easily cut my own bases of that thickness. Long story short, the FR! bases are cheaper than the BI bases, especially those of 40mm depth (the most common one that I would need) - Litko does not have the 120mm x 40mm bases as a stock item and are custom-cut, making them much more expensive. With the smaller size of the FR! bases, I 'might' need fewer minis also, hence I could come up with an army for less money with FR!

Sometimes, I hate making decisions! So, I am pondering yet another pivot in my course.

Please note - this is not a jab at Litko, I have ordered their fine bases before and will do so again.

I do like waffles also, with a bit of butter and maple syrup.



  1. How about piecing bits from various systems together?

  2. I too, like waffles. I can also understand your plight. Just to complicate it, I will suggest that finding a rule set that bases your figures as individuals means you can also do skirmish battles..

    I don't know a thing about either of FR or BI, so I have no real comment on that.. sorry.

    But, the drama keeps me coming back.