29 March 2009


Recently, I found quite a nice surprise mixed in with some old gaming material - a bag of old Rafm Reptiliads minis. These fantasy reptile minis are 25mm, and date back to 1983. They were originally purchased and painted by my friend Ben, who used them in his epic Morrow Project RPG campaign. The Morrow Project is a RPG occurring in a post-apocalyptic society, and these Reptiliads were some of the antagonists. Long after the game finished, I traded Ben these minis, and a large boxful of anime-style models from the 1980's, for a good-sized stack of ACW books that I had no place to store.

Here are some pics:

The Reptiliad force. The back row are pikemen or halberdiers, I believe. The front row has a command group, with the general on the left, a shaman (third from left), and 2 bident troops (?). Also shown are the assorted bits - pikes, halberds, standards, etc.

They are in decent shape after being in a plastic bag stuffed in a box for 12 or so years! I do plan to strip and repaint them. A couple of the troops, especially two of the pikemen, are missing limbs so that will be a project in itself to recreate them.

And some support troops:

These are gilla-worms, the lower caste of Reptiliad society. They are used as skirmish troops, and some of them are mounted, the equivalent of light cavalry.

And the best part:

War Turtle! I really do like this mini, and it (the whole group actually) bring back some great gaming memories.

Eventually, I want to do an Impetus army with these minis. Some of the minis are still available, the gilla-worms and the war turtle (!) especially. Unfortunately, Rafm remastered the Reptiliads in 1999, and the new ones are much larger, to fit in the the 28-30mm crowd. Since this is a long-term project, I have the time to track down some of the older Reptiliad minis; there might even be a local game store with some old stock still hanging on the wall...



  1. Hi El

    Great to see enthusiasim for Reptiliads is still out there after all these years (of neglect). I was a contributing author to the second book while working for Rafm in the late 80's. Do you have contact with anyone else interested in the Reps?


  2. Greetings!

    Unfortunately, I do not know of anybody else working on Reptiliads locally.

    I hope to start working on this project later in the year - finding these older minis might be a challenge.