04 April 2009

Wandering thoughts

As I sit here with some dreaded crud/lurgy/viral invader, I have been mentally reviewing my projects.

I have my first set of bases for Impetus on order from Litko. Unfortunately, the base that I will need the most, 120mm x 40mm, is a custom item which will take longer and cost more. Maybe if I order enough it will become a regular item!

Along with the bases, I am organizing the first units of my Tsolyanu forces. Two of the units, using the leveled spear minis, will be in the 'Blade of the Sword' formation, but I am not sure of the third, which will use my spear-upright minis. 'Teeth of Krá' perhaps? (See this for the formation pics)

The Empire army is slowly receiving paint. I am going to try and finish the Greatswords before the next unit.

I found a new company's web site - Immortal Miniatures. IM specializes in 28mm minis for the Classical period, and are working on plastic hoplites and sparabara. Could be very interesting...

I received some pamphlets for my Reptiliads:

I enjoy browsing through background info, even for obscure fantasy genres. The Reptiliads even has a painting guide and some optional rules, although the rules are based on Rafm's Universal Soldier series they can be 'ported into other systems with ease.


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  1. Hi,

    I just recently took advantage of RAFM's summer sale and ordered a bunch of Reptiliads. I got the 'Battlecry' book but it seems 'The Reptiliads' is out of print. I was wondering if you could be kind enough to drop me an email indicating what's in the book so I know if it's worth trying to track down a copy.

    My email is jthomlin (at) gmail (dot) com

    Joe Thomlinson