12 April 2009

Another Tékumel unit formation

Since I am almost done with the first of my Tékumel units for Impetus (just need the bases from Litko), I decided to start to work on the next set - archers from the Legion of Ever Present Glory. This legion has six cohorts of archers; in the scale of Impetus, I have enough minis for two. The little question of the moment is the formation on the base.

'Two Moons' (base dimensions in red)

The original unit formation calls for two concentric half circles of troops. The Impetus base is not quite big enough to convey the proper image of the formation but it is close. I'm not certain if I want to use 9 minis for the unit, especially since I will only use one of the leader minis in the units.

Here is the alternate style for the unit:

Only eight minis on this base. It should look good and it should be different enough from the unit styles of the heavy infantry cohorts. These archers definitely do not have the same combat qualities as the close combat troops, even though they are in the same legion.



  1. If I may ask what size unit does a base represent?

  2. In the Impetus rules, there is no specified unit representation but I think it is closer to legion-size.

    I am shooting for something closer to a cohort, but it is a rough estimate.

  3. It would be good to be able to do a cohort on a base. That way you can represent the different quality cohorts of a legion on their own bases. I do have to differ in your statement that "the archers definitely do not have the same combat qualities as the close combat troops". In many of the Tsolyani legions, as in this one, some cohorts are equiped and trained with missile weapons in addition to the legion's close combat weapons. So the archer cohorts do have the weapons and very close to the same combat qualities of the other cohorts. In fact, you can represent this on your bases by putting a couple of the other troopers so that your opponent knows these guys can also fight in close combat quite effectively.

    Are you going to have different base sizes for the different nation's cohort sizes?

  4. Kagesh beat me to it, with the comment about the archers. In the Tsolyani heavy and medium legions, they have bows in addition to their melee weapons; it often becomes a tactically worrisome judgement as to which role they are going to play in a given game turn. Our usual practice is that archers that fire in a turn can't act as melee troops, and those that fight in melee can't shoot. I maybe rewriting my rules to allow them to shoot in the case of 'pass-through' fire, but with reduced effect.

    I do love the look of the figures on the stands, though! Wonderful!

  5. It would be interesting to see these formations done in a smaller scale of miniature so that you could really see how the formation sets up.

    I have been playing with 6mm stuff lately and your posts really make me wish I knew more about Tekumel so I could play it at that scale.