30 August 2009

Piles of minis!

I have uncovered a mother-lode of old minis!

Some of these minis have not seen the light of day since the change of address BEFORE the last one (over 2 years ago). A lot of these were purchased in the 90's from one of my favorite game stores - Fantastic Games & Toys in Lynnwood, WA, USA. And there is quite a mix of manufacturers represented:

Foundry - a single Great Orc on the left
Harlequin - lots of orcs from their LoTR line which predates the movies by some years
Games Workshop - black orcs, savage orcs, and goblins (and some unfinished Kroot for conversions!)
Old Glory - orcs and HYW crossbowmen
Ral Partha - an ettin, half-giant with huge sword, VOR Growlers
RAFM - Gilla worms, a war turtle
Wizards of the Coast - half-orc assassin, and some gnomes hiding on the right
Grenadier - wolves and giant rats
Mithril - a giant eagle

and more!

Many of these are in sad shape, but a new lick of paint and proper bases will go a long way into rehabilitating them. I have found that I am missing most of the shields for the Harlequin orcs, though.

In the back of the pic above you see some of my Eureka Legion of Ever Present Glory troops. Yes, they are finally nearing completion:

They are mounted on 7/8" steel washers. A little bit of spackle hides the cast bases on the washers. Soon the bases will be painted and flocked - a clear overcoat will finish them off.

One of the neat-o finds in the top pic was a bunch of Old Glory crossbowmen from their Hundred Years War series. The minis shown in the top pic have had their old square bases removed in preparation for new round bases. Since there are so many - 30 (an entire bag) - I am going to divide them up for painting/gaming purposes. Roughly half have chainmail, the other half do not so that is the starting point. Unarmored minis will be more akin to a militia, I'm thinking, and probably will not be painted in a uniform fashion, while the armored minis will be somewhat uniform.

One high point of many OG products is the variety in the sculpts. In the 30 crossbowmen I have, only 6 are the same; the rest vary in one form or another.

Now, many of the stances are similar - I believe this bag had 6 different stances - there are many individual differences, especially in the heads and faces. With all of these minis being utilized for skirmish gaming, the variety is a nice touch.

(BTW, the mini in the bottom pic on the far left seems to be the only one repeated in the entire bag - there are 6 of that pose)



  1. Now those really take me back...

  2. Indeed they do - wait until they are painted!