12 August 2009

Wargames Factory Ancient Germans

Recently, I placed an order with The Warstore for some paints to use with my WW1 naval project (see my other blog), and The Warstore was offering a special - a free set of the brand-new 28mm plastic Ancient Germans from Wargames Factory. It is hard for me to pass up free minis whether they are lead, plastic, or even in the genres I collect - these at least are very close to the Celt/Rome project time and scale-wise, so I asked for a set to be included with my order.

(My order with The Warstore arrived quite quickly, no hassles at all - thanks Neil!)

Here is a pic of one side of the sprues:

I think these look pretty good. I'm not too impressed with the way most of the bodies are leaning heavily to one side, but that is just my observation...

And, the other side of the sprues:

Lots of extra weapons on these sprues - one of the great bonuses of plastics. There are spears and swords for all six 'bodies', shields, bows and quivers, ceremonial dagger, round-headed club, and what appears to be a tree branch!

Some close-ups of the heads:

Eight different heads for the six bodies. It is a bit odd that the faces are not aligned in the same fashion on the sprue; I'm not an expert on injection molding so what do I know?

I rather like these minis. They are the first Wargames Factory minis in my collection - they might not be the last. I have a feeling that they will be used with my wife's Celts, but for now they will go into the unpainted minis pile...


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  1. Greg,

    Thanks for the sprue pics. Those Germans would make perfect conversion bait for Neanderthals for prehistoric games.