16 September 2009

Piles of minis, sorted...

I went through and made a list of all of those minis that were arranged on my painting table recently, and here is a boring list of numbers:

ORCS - 33 Lots of hand-to-hand types, a complete lack of missile troops and spellcasters

HUMANS - 45 Lots of crossbows, very few melee and casting types

MONSTERS - 13 Much room for improvement, but the ettin is finally going to be used!

REPTUS - 19 A fair mix of melee, 3 bows, 1 caster

ELVES - 27 My wife's personal army, very well equipped with plenty of longbows!

DWARVES - 2 A totally unacceptable number, there needs to be many more!

There are others, but the above is the main list. The orcs need some archers, the humans need melee troops that match the crossbow troops, and the dwarves are shamefully few. All of the races have almost no cavalry troops.

Looks like some shopping is in order, and then they need to be painted...



  1. What game are these being used in? Ettins aren't in Warhammer :)

  2. A fine question, Eli - so far I'm looking at Song of Blades & Heroes