29 September 2009

Planning and scheming

I hate to admit it, but I spend more time thinking about minis than painting them. I always have some new project in the front of my brain and I never seem to get much progress on the projects on the painting desk. And, right now I have several items on the future to-do list:

1. Romans v. Celts - I should be doing much more on this than I have recently - as always I'm a bit distracted. Feawin and I have discussed this somewhat; she does not want to use plastic minis which leaves Warlord Games and Wargames Factory out. As this project is more about battles in England I would like to use Romans in lorica segmentata. Foundry is out due to pricing (although I do vaguely remember having a few Wargames Foundry Romans stashed somewhere!); I don't remember if Old Glory has Romans in segmentata (i.e. Early Imperial Romans). OG's Celts are not bad and a few are already represented in the handful of bowmen on the desk. Gripping Beast and Crusader might be the next logical choices.

2. The latest distraction - Napoleonics. That one word can conjure up a lot of gaming passion in some. Napoleonics has been a bit of a side show for me. I have played several Napoleonic games in the past - Napoleon's Battles, Shako, Piquet - and have even painted a few. My first non-naval, non-micro scale historical unit was a 6-stand 15mm Ottoman Janissary brigade mounted for Napoleon's Battles. But, lately, I have fallen for all of the new 28mm Napoleonic minis that are being produced. And, true to form, I am actually looking at something different than Peninsular battles or 1815 - the great campaign against the Austrians in 1809 or the Revolutionary battles in Italy 1796-1800 would be more to my liking. This would be in the skirmish scale, with maybe Sharp Practice or Song of Drums and Shakos as the rules. More thought is necessary for this one...

In another seemingly minor note - if you go back to my Piles of Minis post, you will see a number of minis primed black. I normally prime my minis in white or light grey. Being somewhat lazy, I do not want to strip and re-prime all of those minis, so the painting desk will see more experimentation than usual in the near future. Who knows, it could revolutionize my painting methods!


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