14 March 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 7

Another brief update...

I have started to modify some of my Ever Present Glory troopers from carrying spears to swords. If I was a little more forward thinking this step would have been done long ago, as it is a bit more work to take apart a mini after you have already assembled it and started the painting!

I have removed his sword from the left side of his armor and removed the spear. (The remains of the spear have been safety tucked into my bits box for future use!) The right hand needed to be drilled out a second time as a chunk of the spear stayed in the hand - one of the perils of using plastic rod for the spears. I also feel fortunate that I was able to remove the sword in one piece as the metal used by Eureka is flexible and could have broken.

As the pommel will not fit through the hole drilled into the hand, I have cut the hilt of the sword into two pieces, to be glued into place later today.

All told, I have 24 Ever Present Glory troops, not including command types. 11 of these are being converted to sword-swingers...


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