27 March 2010

Old projects, part 2

Traveling down memory lane again with some more incomplete projects!

First off, Warzone:

Mishima ashigaru - Warzone was a big hit with some of the gamers around Seattle and these (and a few more ashigaru) were my contribution, and were the first 28mm minis I ever painted. These minis had not been out of the box, however, for many many years. I do not have any immediate plans for 28mm sci-fi skirmish gaming, but most are painted and still useful.

Status: Uncertain

Next, Heavy Gear:

Northern gears, and:

Southern gears. I bought quite a few (30+) HG minis, mostly on runs up to Vancouver B.C.'s finest game shop, Imperial Hobbies, back when the exchange rate was more favorable. I like the minis, but I find the game system to be a bit clunky, although I have not tried the new Blitz variant. I do not have any plans to start this project up again, and I really do not see using them in another setting. If anybody reading this is interested, please leave a comment - prefer trades!

Status: Heading toward the eBay pile


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