28 March 2011

Hlutrgú, part 3

Here are a pair of work-in-progress pics of those pesky swamp dwelling Hlutrgú:

Shaman, drummer, and champions.

A few of the 'boys'.

They look a little rough yet; I am not quite finished so hopefully the end result will be better. In particular, the lightest colored ones gave me some problems. I think they received two base coats, and they still did not look right after an overall ink wash. So, they received yet another base coat of thinned paint, slightly darker than the original, and they seem to look much better.

I am also trying to decide on the colors for their weapons. So far, in 'My Tékumel' I have been using metallics for all weapons - not canon I realize but it looks OK to me (YTMV)*. Of course, all that I have painted so far have been Ever Present Glory troops! If I go with metal javelin tips for the Hlutrgú, I might go with a copper or bronze effect.

* - Your Tékumel May Vary


1 comment:

  1. These are great! Thanks for posting!

    I am keen to see how you do the bases. I bought some Army Painter "Jungle Tufts" to stick on them - I should have bought the Silfor version which are half the price but the Army Painter were more available at the time (I'd have to order the Silfor ones. Actually, they are *technically* both Silfor, Army Painter just repackages them and doubles the price - an old GW trick.)