19 March 2011

Tékumel naval, part 1

The first order has arrived:

1/600 ancient ships, made by Xyston ( link to mfg's web site ). I ordered a variety of minis, just to see what they look like in person. I am quite surprised by their size - they are MUCH bigger than I thought and enormous compared to the 1/1200 ancient ships I have used in the past. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any Roman ships, and only one Carthaginian ship. The plan is to group the minis, mostly by their historical nationalities, into fleets for the Tékumel factions. One problem with the Xyston range is a shortage of smaller ships, so the one hemiolia mini - the smallest ship of the range - might be used for all of the human fleets, perhaps with some minor modifications.



  1. I´ll have an eye on this! :-)

    Try Skytrex for small ships:


  2. I would like to go with Xyston, but probably a bit too costly for me at the moment. Maybe later. I have some 1/1200th Langtons. They're nice but a bit small for my taste. I had 1/300 paper Roman Seas ships and felt they were too big (nice though they were too). Regards, Dean

  3. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with these; I've not seen this line 'in the lead' myself, so your opinions will be very welcome.

    yours, Chirine

    verification word: sagmati - ancient period troops of an elderly age who'd rather be at home lying down then out on some dusty battlefield... :)

  4. Xyston make lovely figures, I've not seen any of the ships though, so i look forward to seeing some painted.

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Hetairoi - you are 1/2 of the inspiration for this project - if my ships look half as good as yours I'll be pleased!

    Dean - if you already have the Hotz ships, I would consider printing them off to 1/450 or 1/600 scale.

    Chirine and Ray - the Xyston ships are nice, but I am going to follow Hetairoi's lead with some modifications. Please go see his blog here:


    Beautiful ships!