28 March 2011

Hlutrgú, part 3

Here are a pair of work-in-progress pics of those pesky swamp dwelling Hlutrgú:

Shaman, drummer, and champions.

A few of the 'boys'.

They look a little rough yet; I am not quite finished so hopefully the end result will be better. In particular, the lightest colored ones gave me some problems. I think they received two base coats, and they still did not look right after an overall ink wash. So, they received yet another base coat of thinned paint, slightly darker than the original, and they seem to look much better.

I am also trying to decide on the colors for their weapons. So far, in 'My Tékumel' I have been using metallics for all weapons - not canon I realize but it looks OK to me (YTMV)*. Of course, all that I have painted so far have been Ever Present Glory troops! If I go with metal javelin tips for the Hlutrgú, I might go with a copper or bronze effect.

* - Your Tékumel May Vary


19 March 2011

Tékumel naval, part 1

The first order has arrived:

1/600 ancient ships, made by Xyston ( link to mfg's web site ). I ordered a variety of minis, just to see what they look like in person. I am quite surprised by their size - they are MUCH bigger than I thought and enormous compared to the 1/1200 ancient ships I have used in the past. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any Roman ships, and only one Carthaginian ship. The plan is to group the minis, mostly by their historical nationalities, into fleets for the Tékumel factions. One problem with the Xyston range is a shortage of smaller ships, so the one hemiolia mini - the smallest ship of the range - might be used for all of the human fleets, perhaps with some minor modifications.


12 March 2011

Hlutrgu, part 2

WIP photo of the Hlutrgu:

I am trying for a color scheme where the youngest members of the warband are the lightest shade. The champion on the right is the darkest, of course. He also has given up on javelins and has a blade - which I made from a leftover short sword from a Serqu trooper.

I am also considering some sort of spotted/striped scheme, at least for some of them.


10 March 2011

Tékumel naval?

Have you ever noticed how a short and seemingly innocent remark can snowball into something much bigger and take your hobby down a different path? Well, after some commentary on Chirine's blog - here and here - I have decided to do something about starting up a small series of fleets for some Tékumel naval gaming.

First off I need some more information, and Tita's has some copies of Qadárdàlikoi, so an order will be made soon.

Second, miniatures. 1/1200 might be too small, so I am going to investigate 1/600 minis.

Third, rules. Qadárdàlikoi will be looked at, and I have some older board games (Trireme and War Galley) as well, plus there are some free sets on the 'Net.

Distracting? Maybe...

Fun? You bet!