26 January 2014

Bad news of a sort...

Once again, I seem to be falling for the siren's song of a micro-armour project, and even a more general 6mm revival.  Long ago, I had WW2 and modern micro-armour, along with some 5mm H&R ACW miniatures mounted for Johnny Reb.  I am finding myself looking back with fondness for those projects, although it is tinted with some of the frustrations I am finding with the larger scales.

One issue is of course the much larger space needed for mass battles with 28mm.  Pricing is notable but not so much as the projects will just be lengthened out until they are funded and finished.  Patience is something I have gained over the years!  And, maybe it is just my need to do something different, at least as compared with the local/regional gamers (28mm is big here).  Working my projects into 6mm would take some creativity and ingenuity, as the miniatures are not found on the store shelf.

So, perhaps I should set aside the mass battles projects for 6mm, leave 28mm as skirmishes, and throw in some tanks in 1/285 to garnish it off...

The bad news part??  That would mean my yet-incomplete MAATAC stuff might need a paint-stripping session.  I do not really want to think about micro-armour in snow settings - the MAATAC stuff is large enough to stand out in white-based camos - and I would rather have some consistency in terrain packages to prevent too much repetition in purchases and painting.

Something to think about...


  1. "So, perhaps I should set aside the mass battles projects for 6mm, leave 28mm as skirmishes..."

    6mm for skirmished too!