11 January 2014

Tékumel game planning...

Instead of just bumbling along with my Tékumel miniatures, I thought that it might be worthwhile to set out a plan to get my collection onto an actual gaming table!  As this blog is part and parcel as an aide to get that done, here is some of the framework for the plan:

1.   Rules

2.   Scenario

3.   Miniatures

4.   Terrain

The choice of rules is being narrowed down.  I am looking at element-based rules that use no or few markers.  The field includes Fantasy Rules! by Chipco, DBA and/or HoTT by WRG, and Mayhem by Bombshell.  It will all depend on how much detail I want to include...

The scenario has been decided, although I wish it was quite that easy.  Way back in Dragon magazine #4, a Tékumel scenario was published called The Battle of the Temple of Chanis.  This scenario, in the original form, is between forces of Mu'ugalávya (the Red Hats) and Tsolyánu.  Unfortunately, there are no Mu'ugalavyáni miniatures in production, and most of the Tsolyáni legions present are not yet available, so adaptations will need to be made.  For instance, the Mu'ugalavyáni forces will be replaced by Baron Ald and the Yán Kór.  But, that is reasonably easy - the hard part will be acquiring and then painting the miniatures.

The miniatures will be coming, for the greater part, from The Tékumel Club.  I am hoping to use as few proxies as possible, but it might not be possible.

Terrain - the original Battle has a fair amount of forest, a river, the southern edge of a village, and the ruins of the Temple of Chanis.  I have not thought about this very much at this stage, but the terrain might stay very close of the original.

This is the rough plan.  This battle is fairly large, and I do not foresee being ready until 2015.  However, as I get parts and pieces ready, I can plan some smaller battles hopefully later this year.



  1. Sounds like a fun project. Personally, I'm a big fan of Hordes of the Things. It uses no markers, you don't need hundreds of figures to assemble an army, and it could easily cover battles in the world of Tékumel.

  2. Good points - that is why HoTT is on the short list! I'll post more about rules in the future...

  3. Will you be doing this at a convention? One of the HMGS East conventions? Hint, hint

  4. Sorry Bill, that is a bit far for me to go for a show. One day, I hope to present this game at one or more local shows, maybe Dragonflight and Enfilade.