28 June 2015

End of June Table

Finally cleared up the hobby table a bit, and immediately put more stuff on it!  As the pic shows:

Old and new projects there, with the Huaxtecs dominating, and those archers from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory, resplendent in blue, are on the left.  Along with those troops is the return of some Boschenberg musketeers from my Monster Blood Tattoo project and, making a table appearance after a very long absence, are some Reptus warriors.

The Huaxtecs have a fairly good coating of paint for their skin (close-ups at a later point).  Some will get tattoos, and their clothing and weapons need to be finished.  Then, there is the matter of their shields...

The Ever Present Glory archers are getting close to being finished also, with just some detail work and skin shading left to do.

The Boschenberg musketeers just need detailing also.  I am wondering if I should consolidate the posts from my usual Monster Blood Tattoo blog (link here) to this blog.

The Reptus miniatures are for an old fantasy skirmish project, and they will need to be stripped and restarted anew.  I have orcs, humans, and Reptus, while my lovely wife has elves, and I am slowly getting around to doing some actual work on them.  I feel a little more confident about my usually poor painting technique and I am willing to give it another go.  Of course another driving factor is the hobby budget, which is getting tight once again and new purchases are being directed into just one or maybe two projects.



  1. That looks like a properly kitted out painting table.
    For me, a clean sweep never lasts long.

  2. Looking good Greg - You seem to favour large batches of figures at a time. Is that deliberate, and why?

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Pendragon.

    I do not favor large batches typically, but the Huaxtec are being painted up in a large group. So far, it has been easier to paint the large amounts of skin on the figures by having a large batch on the go all at once. But, as I find better and more consistent ways, I think that I will drop back to smaller groups.