05 July 2015

Paint strip, part 1

Getting my Reptus force into a decent paint job, as mentioned in my previous post, requires me to start over with a new coat of primer (black this time).  So, another round of paint stripping.  Previously, I have used Dettol as a paint stripper.  It does seem to work well, but it is uncommon to find in the US.  Following the advice from my friend Chirine (his blog is here), I am trying Simple Green this time.

Here is a pic of the first set of Reptus miniatures, ready for a bath.  I had to cut the bases off of some of them, as I could not work them off without some damage to the somewhat thin ankles and soft metal of those miniatures.  Part of the renewal process for these figures is rebasing, and I am going with round bases instead of the square ones that come with the Reaper Warlord miniature packs.

And the container with some of the solution poured in.  Yes, Simple Green is green!

Now, to make sure that I do not forget about them...


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