12 July 2015

New bases for the Reptus, and Winner!

It has been a slow week for my hobbies, but I did manage to grab these:

These are the new bases for my Reptus troops, after I had to cut up the bases from some of the miniatures prior to stripping the paint.  I prefer round bases for skirmish types personally, so losing the square bases used previously is just fine.

And the big news of the week:  Over at the Palouse Wargaming Journal, Jon celebrated the crossing of some important milestones for his blog with a magnificent giveaway, and I won a copy of a book that I have desired for a long time, Neil Thomas' Ancient & Medieval Wargaming!  Pics will be posted upon arrival of course...



  1. Great news that AMW has been knocked off your Wish List!
    Your copy is on the way.

    How about a review after it arrives?

  2. Ha, as it happens I was rooting through my cupboards and drawers looking for some of those 40mm bases last night. Certainly more visually pleasing basing skirmish troops on the round bases, to my mind.

  3. Roy - I agree.

    Jon - Most definitely, thanks again!