25 July 2015

New book

It has arrived!

Above is a pic of the book that I won as part of the huge celebratory giveaway that Jon of Palouse Wargaming Journal used to mark the passing of some major blog mileposts.  The win was a big surprise to me, and I am hugely grateful for the gift - thanks again Jon!

As there are some very big changes going on here, I have yet to pop the tome open except briefly.  Hopefully, once the dust settles somewhat, I will give the book - a surprisingly hefty one - a thorough review as I have been wanting the book for some time.



  1. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Alan.

    It is the calm before the storm at the moment, but the oncoming change might see me painting more, oddly enough which will be good.

  3. Glad the book was so well received!
    I picked up a copy too and like you, anxious to dive into it.