12 September 2015

Mid-September Table

Haven't had much time for painting lately, but here is a pic of what is on the work table:

On the left, the Shén are getting the first dabs of paint, and on the right the Huaxtec are getting a bit of attention, mostly with some basing.  In the center is a Warbases sabot base that I am thinking of modifying by removing the right-most part to make a seven-slot base as it is currently too wide for my tastes.



  1. Greg, any painting activity is better than none!

  2. You are quite right Jon, and with small steps it will get done.

  3. Hi Greg, How thick are those sabot bases? Also, re. width. Perhaps you are looking at the length/depth of the base, not the frontage? ;-)

  4. The bases are a total of 4mm thick - 2mm for each layer. I'll post another pic that should illustrate what I am aiming for better in the near future.

    I intend to measure 2 or 3 times before cutting :)