05 September 2015

Other fantasy stuff

I have been reconsidering some of my gaming goals lately, and one of the ideas that I have renewed and brought forward to my gaming plans involves getting some skirmish groups together for some Song of Blades-type scenarios.  I have a variety of figures that can be used for this including my lovely wife's elves and my Reptus (lizard folk).

A few other groups can be formed, like orcs:

These are Old Glory orcs, from their Ghost miniatures line.  The skin color has just been started - no green orcs here!  The orcs suffer from having no magic-user types, but maybe numbers will help them out; I think that I have 18 of them someplace...

And some humans:

The sword-swingers are old Harlequin miniatures, with a musician and standard bearer included.  I am not certain if those two have an effect in SBH but they will look nice.  The crossbow types are Old Glory miniatures from their late HYW selections, and the guy in grey is a Reaper martial arts type that will be a special character.  After taking this pic, I found a chap that could work as a magic-user, so the humans have a balanced force.

The intended effect of dusting these old miniatures off and getting them painted is to get some sort of actual gaming going on here - it has been far too long...



  1. I think it's a great idea focusing project for skirmish games - the total figure count should be far more manageable and rewarding.