26 August 2015

Shén, part 4

Moving along with the first element of the Shén legion:

I use plastic rod for my javelins/spears/pikes, with a different diameter for each type.  For pikes I am using 1/16" (1.6mm) rod from my stash of materials that I have hoarded for just such an occasion.  The price tag on this particular material dates back to 1996!

Step 2 of the process:

Pikes for all, with shields for the rear rank, which is the right-most ones in the above pic!  The pikes are approximately 3"/75mm long.  The hands needed to be drilled out, but the material is soft enough and the hands big enough so the chore was not too difficult.

And lastly:

The miniatures now have a coat of black gesso for primer.  I am going to let the gesso dry for a few days before the next step.



  1. For more "exotic" weaponry I wonder if these would work???


  2. Hello Steve!

    With a bit of surgery, they might just work, thanks for the hint.


  3. Excellent... it was the look of your (excellent) spears that put me in mind of them.. my wife uses them and they always remind me of those swords the Egyptians used.. kopesh?? On the subject - how do you do the blade on the spear - warm the plastic, press it flat and then trim???

  4. They do look similar to a khopesh.

    In an ancient blog post, I describe how I make the points for my spears: http://pewterpixelwars.blogspot.com/2007/06/spears-for-legions.html

    Heating the tip is a good idea - one that I might try with the next batch of pikes.

    Thanks for visiting!